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Baoye dahe Industrialized Housing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., led the company to visit our company

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On April 2, 2015, Po industry and Industrialized Housing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. deputy general manager and production manager, deputy director, translation, visit our Sanxiong steel visit and guide the work.
The company all staff to Po industry and industrialization of residential manufacturing the arrival of the leadership of the company expressed warm welcome,, general manager of the company personally the VIP reception, to the leadership introduced company's basic situation, quality concept, manufacturing equipment, engineering cases, after a pedestrian inspected the workshop production line, carefully inspected the production workshop layout and actual situations, asked in detail about the design project, cost control, construction speed, security and other details. The leader of the treasure industry has fully affirmed the achievements of the company at present in the steel structure industry, and put forward constructive suggestions for the future development.

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