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Residential steel structure should become the direction of development

Source:本站 Author: Date:2016/8/23 9:53:59 Browsing times:1868
Recently, the "Economic Daily" front page published a report entitled "the development of green buildings can also resolve the excess iron and steel," the survey report. The implementation of construction industrialization, can improve the construction efficiency, upgrading the quality of construction, low carbon and energy saving, in line with the requirements of sustainable development, is excess iron and steel production capacity of an effective way to resolve, in promoting the new urbanization process, further strengthen to steel structure building industrialization represents the architectural industrialization development, is of great practical significance.
Steel structure housing, is the city's recycling use of the building structure. It not only can recycling, reuse, reduce construction waste emissions, but also promote the development of the housing industry and promote the renewal and upgrade the file of the Ministry of construction products. Compared with the developed countries, there is a big gap between the green building of the steel structure in our country. In the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the amount of steel structure has accounted for more than 30% of steel production, steel construction area of the total construction area of more than 40%. But in our country, the steel structure steel is less than 6%, and the steel structure construction area in the total construction area of less than 5%.
At present, the main building structure of our country is reinforced concrete and masonry structure, which is the main cause of building energy consumption. Reinforced concrete and masonry structure of the material recycling rate is low, resulting in a huge waste of resources, the structure is removed, a large number of construction waste, to deal with a huge cost. And steel structure building in the whole life cycle can maximize reserve scrap resources, became the second mining industry to promote the iron and steel industry capacity reasonably and to achieve a circular economy and the energy conservation and environmental protection; steel structure buildings with good seismic performance, seismic casualties and property loss can be reduced, as soon as possible the formation of temporary shelters, post disaster reconstruction cost is low; also can be industrialized production, short construction period, construction quality and construction period of the security.
China's abundant steel production, in order to achieve the industrialization of steel structure provides a solid material foundation. Promotion of large-scale steel structure construction, can effectively solve the domestic iron and steel production capacity is obvious surplus, the construction business into a pattern of hardship. But the current use of steel varieties to absorb excess capacity of steel, the actual operation of many difficulties, but also need the government, social coordination.
First, the government should support the policy, such as the establishment of a public platform for interactive cooperation in the industry to support, promote the maturity of the industry. Second, the steel structure of civil construction market development, can be preferentially focused on those relatively regular simple building types, such as office buildings, hospitals and other buildings. Accepted in the market share, the influence of society and customers is to get a certain degree of improvement, then gradually focus on large amount, wide residential buildings, the ultimate realization of the ultimate goal of the development of assembly type steel structure buildings.


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