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Awesome! Application of indoor steel structure

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(a) winter construction measures
The production and installation of winter construction in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the steel structure construction in winter. The 1 steel structure.
2. 9:28 steel parts is warm making negative temperature installation should be according to the environment temperature difference considering component shrinkage, and adjust the deviation of the technical measures taken in the construction of.
]. In negative temperature steel structure construction of the welders shall after negative temperature welding technology training, pass the examination and obtain the corresponding certificate.
]. Negative temperature of steel and related connecting material must be accompanied by a certificate of quality, performance in line with the requirements of the design and product standards.
] 5. Negative temperature of electrode exposed not more than 2 hours, more than 2 hours to baking electrode baking number no more than 3 times.
6. According to the provisions of the baking flux before use, the moisture content of not more than 0.1%.
]. Negative temperature high strength bolts shall be product certification, and in the negative temperature coefficient of torque and axial force of the re inspection.
8. The negative temperature for steel structure coating not use water-based paint.
]. Component material should be reserved shrinkage allowance, welding shrinkage and compressive deformation amount and steel produced in the negative temperature shrinkage deformation coordination.
]. Component assembly, according to the provisions of the process order from inside to outside expansion group to fight, in the negative temperature while assembling test to reserve the weld shrinkage value is determined.
* 11. Component assembly, remove rust, burr, dirt, grease, snow and ice debris retention of memory of joint 50mm, keep dry joints without residual moisture.
] 12. Under negative temperature of more than 9 mm steel plate welding should be adopted multi-layer welding weld by upward by surfacing layer, each weld once finished welding, such as welding interrupt, before again welding to remove welding defects. Is strictly prohibited in the welding of the mother material on arc.
* 13 steel structure installation, such as snow or wind speed above 6m/s, the erection of protective shed.
14. The unqualified weld welding welding to eradicate, in accordance with the provisions of the welding process in steel structure under negative temperature.
] 15. Ambient temperature below 0 DEG C, in front of the coating anticorrosion coating for brushing process test, besmear brushs must clean the components surface rust, oil, burrs and other, and keep the surface dry. There is ice or snow on a member may not be brushing work.
] 16. Winter transportation and stacking steel structure adopted anti-skid measures and components stacked flat ground solid no puddles, the ground without ice. The same type of component when stacked, should maintain the level of component, iron pad on the same vertical line, and prevent slippery component.
* 17. Steel structure before installation in accordance with the requirements under the condition of negative temperature, on the quality of reinspection, the deformation of the component of making false and transportation and stacking, on the ground of repair correction.
(18. With cable hoisting steel members should be non slip septum, and component and the lifting of the gusset plate, installation personnel need fixtures and other objects with a rope lashing solid.
19. According to the temperature conditions for the preparation of steel installation sequence chart, the construction in strict accordance with the provisions of the order for installation.
20. Preparation of steel structure installation of welding process, both ends of a member shall also carry out welding.
Remove the surface ice, snow, 21 member. Before the installation of dew, but shall not damage the coating.
. 22. Negative temperature installation columns, beams immediately corrected, location correct immediately and permanently fixed, the day of installation of components to form a stable space system.
* 23 high-strength bolt joint friction member installation surface shall not have the snow and ice, dirt, oil and other stolen goods shall not contact.
* 24. Negative temperature steel structure installation quality in addition to comply with the steel structure engineering construction and acceptance specification "(GB50250-95) requirements, should also be designed according to the requirements for inspection and acceptance.
(two) construction measures during the rainy season
] 1. Wet construction, appropriate erection of temporary protective shed, the rain may not falling on the hot weld. Such as welding parts more humid, must wipe it with dry cloth net and before welding with oxyacetylene flame dried, keep dry and joint, no residual moisture.
. 2. When lifting, components such as water, before installation should be clean, but not

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